About Us

At IMMUVET we understand that horses are bred mainly for pleasure or for profit. No matter how we look at it; in the long run those horses are intended to serve their masters in multiple ways. The horse must be healthy in order to fulfill this, which means many factors must be observed. In animal health good husbandry is the best and first line of defense; it is essential to heed to all health and nutrition needs of the horse. Proper early management decisions enhance practices, which will determine the relative success for the horse and its performance.

It is the purpose of IMMUVET . to assist everyone involved in these practices to be able to improve the health and welfare of their horses, giving them the possibility of reaching their full genetic potential.
In order to reach the above-mentioned goal, IMMUVET added the ambitious ingredients of working with 100% natural, safe, and highly effective veterinary products so that your horse can benefit from these, and yet not be affected by any side effect. That is why IMMUVET chose to work with the AMINOCELL INC. products. Actually, no one really knows just how these remedies work, though there are many theories: One is that an “energy imprint” of the original substance creates the healing effect by acting as a catalyst.

Another theory is that the “succussion” (violent mixing) of the preparation gives them an electro-chemical charge. Numerous trials that have been conducted using AMINOCELL TECHNOLOGY/IMMUVET INC. micro-dosage dietary supplements on horses proved to be incredibly successful, though more extensive trials are needed. What most people are concerned with is not how they work, but that they do work. and, at IMMUVET we know that they work; that is a fact.
Recent evidence suggests that macrophages in horses play a key role in the host defense as well as in the maintenance of normal tissue structure and function. Three years of hands-on field testing at various places have yielded an unbelievable astonishing success rate (especially, although not exclusively, with the bleeder medication STOP 20).
At IMMUVET INC. we are committed to providing the equine industry with products that will enable you to see a change in your horse’s look, and feel its new strength, be proud of its performance and pleased with its general wellness. We are focused on you enjoying your healthy horse and the magnificent results it will reward you with. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a qualified veterinarian for a proper and professional diagnosis.
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