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Immuvet® Products are manufactured by Amino Cell Inc.

Manufactured by Amino Cell Inc.

Weaning Factor®

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WEANING FACTOR® is an all-natural product that helps reduce the foal’s stress and boost their confidence during and after separation. WEANING FACTOR® will make the foal look healthy, strong, and resistant.


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WEANING FACTOR® is excellent for foals of all breeds, regardless of whether you raise them for personal pleasure or profit. You will be amazed by how easy it is to use and the excellent results obtained when you give your foals WEANING FACTOR®. If you have not used it yet, you have yet to see how your foals will walk away smoothly when separated from their dams. Although they will still feel, and in some cases, some foals may act nervously about what is happening, their strengthened immune system seems to drive confidence in them.

In addition to this more hassle-free weaning process, you will quickly notice in your foals that WEANING FACTOR® helps regulate these youngsters’ immune systems. It is common for foals to experience diarrhea and respiratory problems after weaning.

WEANING FACTOR® acts almost as a dual-purpose supplement by helping prevent disease penetration and take better advantage of the nutritional factors in their feed.

A 3-year field study has proved WEANING FACTOR® to be inexpensive and highly efficacious.

Before every use, shake the bottle vigorously 10 times. Administer 10ml of WEANING FACTOR® to the horse every morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before feeding for 10 days before and after weaning.

We strongly recommend administering the dose under the tongue to allow for maximum absorption.

Keep this product away from sources of energy, heat, and light. Do not mix different products in the same syringe.

  • Serving Size: 10 ml
  • Serving per Container: 20
  • Micro-Dosage Proprietary Blend 10 ml*
  • Nux Vomica 30 CH
  • Ignatia 30 CH
  • Chamomile 30 CH
  • Distilled Water
  • Alcohol 3%

*Daily Value not Established

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Immuvet® Products are manufactured by Amino Cell Inc.