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Inflammatory airway disease (IAD) also known as mild to moderate Equine Asthma, is a common cause of chronic poor respiratory health and exercise intolerance.

Many horse owners don't think it's a big deal to hear a small, occasional cough when their horse first starts to exercise, but even low-levels of inflammation in the respiratory tract can affect your horse performance horse.

Some of the common signs of IAD include losing speed at the end of a race, moving the jaws or swallowing after a cough, and not wanting to collect or flex at the poll. IAD should also be thought of when a horse stop wanting to work out for no clear reason.

Possible causes of IAD include allergic airway disease, repeated pulmonary stress, deep inhalation of dust, air pollution, and/or persistent respiratory viral infections, most notably EHV-2.

The best way to keep a horse from getting IAD is to make sure there is more ventilation and less dust in their environment. This can be done by letting the horse walk out, having the stall windows, sealing the area where the hay is stored, wetting or soaking the hay the horse eats, and changing the diet or adding forages.

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