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In a western-style contest known as "Western Pleasure," horses are judged on their etiquette, fitness for a slow, controlled gait, and calmness and responsiveness. The horse must look pleasant, smooth-moving, and a "pleasure" to saddle.

The Western pleasure horse exhibits a particular kind of movement. Compared to other sports that can call for quick-twitch muscle or intense cardiovascular activity, this technique best contrasts with how a bodybuilder does slow, steady curls with a heavyweight. The tendons of the horses undergo extreme wear and tear during this stride which leads to different problems such as:

  • DDFT tendonitis.
  • Inflammation of the navel.
  • Desmitis of the navicular bone's suspensory ligament.
  • Loss of the inferior ligament.
  • Hyperextension of the coffin joint.
  • Heel ache

Since today's competitions can have extremely narrow winning margins, you need to take care of your western pleasure horse more than ever. With Immuvet's right supplements, you can give your horse the personalized care they require to consistently appear and function at its greatest.

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