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In an attempt to maneuver a horse safely and effectively around three barrels set up in a triangle in the middle of a field, barrel racing involves the horse's physical prowess and the rider's equestrian abilities.

You can observe the force and pure speed of barrel racing horses up close and how they submit their muscles to such rapid and precise twists. Because of these quick movements, horses in this sport frequently develop lameness in their forelimbs.

According to 2011 research by the National Animal Health Monitoring System in the USA (NAHMS), up to 50% of participating barrel horses may show lameness, particularly in the foreleg joint.

In the study, horses developed osteoarthritis from a bone spur, bone chipping, inflammation of the joint capsule, and swelling of soft tissues in addition to the sesamoid bones and scarring of the synovial pad.

Particularly when outcomes depend on a fraction of a second, your diet and supplement plan can mean the distinction between a ranking pass or fail. Barrel horses frequently travel great distances and only have one opportunity to perform well when they arrive. When supplements are taken properly, they can support longevity and the muscles, joints, and tendons that barrel horses need to function at their peak.

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