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Do you know that cutting a horse endures more hind limb troubles than forelimbs problems? According to studies, cutting horses are more prone to muscle-skeletal issues such as lameness and hind limb troubles. But don't worry; these horses can return to work with the proper supplementation and diet. In cutting horses with intermediate suspensory ligament illness, research looking at magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings and post-treatment performance shows that many heal and resume work.

While training the horse to cut the cattle from the herd, you must properly take care of their needs. Although you will be spending much on training your horse, spending a little more on their diet and supplementation will ensure the horse's well-being.

When the difference between winning and losing can be so small, proper supplementation gives your horse the energy and focused care that it requires to recuperate and compete at its peak over and over again. When it comes to cutting horses, that involves promoting joint and tendon health yet also giving a diet that keeps your horse's weight, metabolism, and coats healthy.

Do you want to help your horses reach their maximum potential?

Immuvet, Inc. has a line of natural homeopathic products for horses that help support their well-being. Each product is carefully formulated to ensure maximum effectiveness.


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