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Reining, which has its roots in working cattle, is frequently referred to be a Western style of dressage riding. In the horse sport of reining, riders direct their mounts into an exact pattern of loops, turns, and pauses. All activity is performed at the lope, the quickest horse speed, a variation of the canter, which is more widely known internationally.

The reining horse must be agile, swift, and receptive to the rider's cues. It takes strong hind legs to maintain position during a sliding halt or reversal, and it takes superb coordination to execute accurate spins and flying leads. The leg structure is crucial because competition puts the limbs and joints under much strain.

In short, reining is an exacting sport; therefore, your horse's supplement regimen should be just as detailed as your facility's training and health care plans.

From birth, diet can help these prospective superstars reach their natural ability. Due to the pressure of competing for show horses, some major issues for reining horses are joint health, ligament health, bone growth, and stomach health.

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