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Due to its involvement and function in this game, the polo horse has earned a reputation for popularity. Polo ponies and polo horses are raised with special training and diets that make them suitable for playing polo.

Horse polo is one of the many sports that have evolved over time, from playing on monarch greens to playing on regular grass. Polo ponies stand out and aren't really used like other horses. Since the polo ponies have to run and coordinate with the owner and depict most of their wild activities, there is not much strain on horses in this sport. But still, if you don't give them enough nutrients and diet, they will risk developing muscular and bone problems, tendon injuries, wounds, and splints.

The pinnacle of polo competitions, endurance racing, pits riders and horses against one another over long distances. Riders are aware of the need to promote general health before concentrating on offering a cool supply of food for competition day and effective recovery after activity. This entails offering a formula that keeps your horse's weight, digestion, and hooves in good condition.

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