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Do you know that dressage horses start training as early as 3-4 years? While the growing age of your equine requires adequate supplements for muscle-skeletal growth, you also have to take care of your horse's genre health by providing balanced food.

Moreover, dressage training and preparedness impact every system in the body. Being a responsible horse parent, you should pay the most attention to your dressage horse's muscular, circulatory, respiratory, and skeletal systems. Why? Because cooperation of these and other systems enables exercise and provides fitness advances to dressage horses.

Below are the body systems that are vital for dressage horses:

  • Muscle health is the major player in dressage horses. Since the horse has to perform different activities during the competition, you must fine-tune its muscles to overcome any problem.
  • If your horse's heart is in good condition, he will suffer from less fatigue. So for your horse to outperform in dressage competition, you have to keep the horse's heart in good health.
  • The stress on the bones is necessary for increasing bone growth and density. Yet, excessive stress can lead to stress fractures, uneven development, and bone deterioration.

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