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The best show jumper is subjected to extremely high athletic standards. Large fences must be jumped by it with delicacy, precision, and, occasionally, quickness. Your horse must be flexible, able to turn quickly, jump more or less from a gallop, and be capable of leaping from a virtual halt. To modify step length, spring from "depths" and awkward spots, and be able to clear tall spread obstacles, a horse needs to be extremely strong in the back and hindlimbs.

Stylish, competent, professional show jumpers are typically well-balanced, loose-moving performers. However, the forelimb suspensory system at the landing and the hindlimb suspensory apparatus during takeoff are both subjected to extremely high pressures.

The best show jumper is subjected to extremely high athletic demands. A tremendous amount of torque is applied to joints when performing fast bends.

Thus, there is a chance for preclinical lamenesses, which can impair efficiency without manifesting as explicit lameness and cause low-grade intermittent or constant pain.

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