The horse is God’s gift to mankind

A horse is a thing of beauty and the most lovable creatures in the world. Horses weight maintenance is a big deal for the horse owners. It is known that genetics chiefly influences the ability of gaining weight as it mainly affects the metabolic rate. This metabolic rate is significantly related with their ability to burn calories. A great care is needed to help your horse in gaining weight. As a horse owner there are following steps that you can take to help your horse to gain weight. These are, a thorough general health examination should be done to check for detention, worms and equally check for weight loss and poor dental health. Similarly, diet play an important role in gaining weight. Provide your horse a balanced nutritional supplemented diet to help him gain weight. As we know that cereal grains, like oats, corn and barley, contains higher calories, and they equally have high levels of both starch and omega-6 fatty acids.

These Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and are highly significant in increasing the feed efficiency. Supplementation with these kinds of foods can really help your horse. Then there are other source like beet pulp, vitamins, rice brawn and micro and macro minerals. Oils have been proved to be beneficial in gaining weight as they provide pure fat. There is a little thing that you can do for your horse to help in this situation, just add a small amount of oil into the diet daily , about 2 ounces per day, and gradually increase over 7 to 10 days to permit the microflora ( that is typically present in rh hindgut ) to adjust to a new feed. Weight gain is a slow process and it is necessary to make changes in the horse diet slowly that is over the period of 7 to 10 days.

At immuvet we have the quality of products to help your horse in various problem. One of our finest quality products is Immun-K™. It is an amazing product to boost up the immune system.It is recommended by veterans all over the world.

It performs following functions.

  • It can enhance the functioning of the immune system
  • It can prevent the exposure to environmental allergens.
  • It is highly effective as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral therapy.
  • Can quickly re-establish appetite
  • It can prevent the development of stress caused by Shipping Fever.
  • It can Improve the coat condition.

Our next product is Quick Training™. your horse needs strength to perform and we have a product that can help. Quick Training™ is a naturally made organic product that increases the efficiency of various systems in the body.

It aids in

  • It can reduce the risk of tying-up while in training.
  • It can promote muscle development.
  • It can improve strength and endurance
  • Help in normalization of the function of the nervous system.

We have another product ChondroPower 3000®. As its name illuminates, it is for the maintenance of joint health of your horse. Your athletic horse can have various problems of joint but we have the finest quality product that can really help.

It helps in

  • Prevention of joint damage
  • It can delay the degenerative changings in the joint.
  • It can stabilize the joint by increasing the joint strength.
  • It can be helpful to repair the joint.
  • It can typically reverse the changings of joint damage.

Immuvet® Products are manufactured by Amino Cell Inc.