Rodeo: Support for Performance & Recovery

Rodeo is known as a competitive sport that includes the skills of the horses or some other livestock. It was originated based upon the working of cattle herding back in Spain, Mexico, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This sport also involves cowboys and cowgirls who have to control the movements of their animals to perform different tricks in the events included in rodeo.

Events included in Rodeo

There are several events that makeup rodeo. Each event has its own rules and rewards. Following are the events of rodeo:

  • Bareback
  • Steer wrestling
  • Team roping
  • Saddle Bronc
  • Tie-down roping
  • Barrel racing
  • Bull riding

There are two categories in which these seven events fall. One is the rough stock which is the judged event whereas, the other events are timed.


As rough stock events include three events, therefore its scoring will be the same; however, the animals shall be judged according to different criteria in each event. In the rough stock events, all the cowboys shall use only their one hand to control the animal; otherwise, they will be disqualified. However, to get a qualifying score the cowboy must ride the animal for 8 seconds using only one hand. Then, the buzzer sound comes the judges will be scoring both the animal and the contestant. Each contestant will be scored out of 25 from each judge, and the same will be for the animal.


Every winner deserves a prize as it gets him going which is why the winner of the rodeo competition will also get a reward. The prize money given to the winner will be collected from the entry fees which will be paid by the contestants/cowboys to take part in the competition. The winner will receive not only money but also a rodeo belt buckle which is known as one of the most recognized trophies in the entire world.

Why are supplements significant for the rodeo?

To fuel an animal for better performance, you need to provide them with the best supplements suitable for the activities. A horse or another livestock cannot perform well until and unless they are in a good athletic form and their health is well. Thus, to make sure that your animal is healthy you need to feed them certain supplements so that they can perform well in rodeo. There are also certain supplements that animals may need for recovery from the rodeo.

Supplements for best rodeo performance

There is a website known as which can help you in getting the most suitable supplements for your animal to perform better. The most effective supplements found on for the training and recovery of rodeo horses are ChondroPower™, Quick Training™ and Stop 20 M&PM™. ChondroPower™ has a unique formula which is great for joint and muscle support. If the animal has an injury in his/her muscles or joints, then this supplement can be used. It can also help in enhancing the animal’s athletic performance during races. Then, there is Stop 20 M&PM™ which can be used to enhance the metabolism of the animal and can also keep them active and alert throughout the event. It can also increase the ability and strength of the animal to exercise properly for a long time. If the animal has any catabolic reside caused due to muscle fatigue, then it can be eradicated using the Quick Training™ supplement. If the animal has been performing poorly due to lack of strength, then he must be fed with this supplement.

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