Equine nutrition is interesting. Equine diet provides all the necessary building block nutrients for life. As everything in the body of the horse gets interrelated, that is why the deficiency of even a single micronutrient can cause improper biological functionality in horses. Supplements get used to influence the equine athletic performance of horses or therapeutic purposes. A supplement can also get used to balancing a typical diet which lacks essential nutrients.

There are chances that a natural grass diet for horses may lack certain nutrients due to geography or season. Most of the horses’ owners have no idea what is lacking in the diet for horses. However, using a veterinary-formulated, reputable, comprehensive, and balanced equine wellness formula like Immun-K™ and Quick Training™ equine can prevent problems that occur due to lack of nutrients in the diets for horses.

Horses get access to quality pasture which is full of essential nutrients. However, if a pasture is baled and cut to make hay, many essential nutrients get decreases. Levels of beta carotene, omega three fatty acids and vitamin E to produce vitamin A, plummet once pasture get dried and cut. Hay is an excellent feeding diet for horses, but many vital nutrients like fibre, calorie, and minerals may not be enough. Adding back these critical nutrients to meet the required nutritional value of horses is the primary reason for supplementing them with a forage-based diet.

Outside fulfilling daily requirements of horses through nutrients, there is also a therapeutic way to use nutrients through supplementation to support the health conditions of horses. Horses who suffer from allergies may have a positive response towards DHA supplements. Therefore such supplements can help in healing allergies.

Also, sports-based nutrition is good because these nutrients exceed the need for basic supplement requirements to facilitate recovery and optimize the performance of horses. Sports-based diet includes such ingredients which specially targets muscle toning and support recovery during the training of horses.

Best Supplements for Equine

Supplements for equine are required to balance the deficiency of nutrients in the diets for horses. Immun-K™ is one of the best supplement for equine which designed to target the immune system of horses to defend against bacterial and viral infections. Immun-K™ reestablish the appetite of horses and balance their feed which lacks nutrients. Immun-K™ includes a broad spectrum of nutritional based ingredients which provide specialized support to the overall health of horses, reduce the stress while travelling and improve the coat condition of horses.

The other best supplement for equine includes Quick Training™, which helps in promoting muscle development and reduce the risk of tying-up. Quick Training™ balance the nutrients required to improve the physical condition of horses. This supplement is especially recommended to those horses who lack performance, lack of strength, respiratory and cardio-circulatory aliments

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