Have you ever noticed that vitamin E is how much important for your horse? Do you know vitamin E is one of those nutrients that your horse cannot generate itself, and you need to provide them in the diet?

Vitamin E is also known as fat-soluble nutrients because vitamin E requires a small quantity of fat to be adequately absorbed. Horses during grazing get an equal amount of fat from the green grass to fulfil this need.

Vitamin E performs a variety of functionality in the nerve, immune response, antioxidant action and in the muscle function, which make it essential for the health of horses. With the selenium, vitamin E can use to maintain the normal functionality of muscle, to protect horses from the muscular disease.

It can use as antioxidant in horses, which consequently protect their cell membranes, enzyme, body tissue, and to many other intracellular substances from the damaged which caused due to oxidation.

Vitamin E is the collection of eight compounds, four are tocotrienols and four are tocopherols.

Symptoms of Deficiency of Vitamin E

Deficiency of vitamin E in horses can cause a variety of pathological changes and symptoms such as poor immunity against diseases and poorly and weak oxygenated muscles.

Use green forage for getting Vitamin E in horses

Vitamin found in the fresh green forage, and if your horse is consuming an adequate amount of green forage then they cannot have a deficiency of vitamin E. However, this vitamin loses 30 to 85% during the harvesting of hay, and then remaining amount lose during the storage of green forage.

The quantity of vitamin E in the food forage may change with the different type of feed and their harvesting procedures. Because most of the horses are getting forage in the form of hay, many manufacturers are adding vitamin E to the commercial feed mixes.

Vegetable oils can use relatively in the high amount as a source of vitamin E, but by the horse’s owner, it is not fed in that amount which required to fulfil the deficiency of vitamin E.

Best supplement for horses

There are many supplements available that you can use for promoting the health of horses. One of them is ChondroPower 3000®, which can use to reduce degeneration of cartilage, strengthening healthy joints, with the synovial fluids, it can use to increase the performance of athletic horses. ChondroPower 3000® can help your horse in delay, prevent, stabilize, reverse and in repair.

STOP 20® is another supplement which specially designed to reduce the severity and intensity of Exercised Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage, which known as bleeding in the performance horses.

And Immun-K™ which specially designed for the immune system of horses. It can use as the levels of food intake and the reestablish appetite. Immun-K™ can strengthen the ability of the immune system against bacterial and viral infection.

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